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/256 Channels Cylindrical Battery Charging Discharging Tester For 18650, 26650, 32650 Testing

256 Channels Cylindrical Battery Charging Discharging Tester For 18650, 26650, 32650 Testing


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256 Channels Cylindrical Battery Charging Discharging Tester For 18650, 26650, 32650 Testing

Main performance of equipment

1. Each device can carry out constant current and constant voltage charging and constant current discharge test on 512 batteries meeting the voltage range.

2. Adopt the constant current constant voltage power supply of the invention patent, constant current to constant voltage switching without impact, especially suitable for the charging requirements of lithium-ion battery.

3. The AVR single-chip computer is used as the control center of the equipment, and the peripheral sampling circuit is used. The equipment can be controlled by the superior computer. When the computer is connected, the complete charge discharge curve of all channels can be saved, or it can be separated from the superior computer. Through the operation of the control panel, the constant current and voltage charging, constant current discharge test, time sorting and other work can be completed.


4. Each battery has an independent constant current and voltage source, and the self-made circuit does not affect each other.


5. Detect the voltage of each battery in real time. When charging, charge at constant current first. When the battery voltage reaches the set value, it will smoothly switch to constant voltage charging. When the set time or current termination conditions are met, the charging will end. During constant current discharge, when the battery voltage is lower than the set value, the discharge is ended and the corresponding battery indicator light is on.


6. It has the function of power-off protection, and can continue to operate after receiving the original workflow


7. The power tube is 50N06, which is suitable for batteries requiring low discharge voltage, such as lithium iron phosphate battery


8. The upper computer can set 32 working step parameters and 256 cycles, and each upper computer can be connected with 1-10 sets of single-chip system (less than 10 sets are recommended).


9. Supporting software functions

A) Graphic operation interface is used to display the data of voltage, current, time and capacity of each battery, and display the corresponding working status and abnormal conditions in various colors;

B) Battery capacity indication of any section (up to 100 sections);

C) Data points can be recorded according to the change conditions of voltage, current and time to form a complete charging and discharging curve data, and the time interval of curve data points is ≤ 4 Second;

D) Carry out battery sorting function under various conditions (capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform, etc.);

E) Automatically calculate constant current charging ratio, capacity loss, discharge efficiency, average voltage, median voltage and other data;

F) Set operator authority and operate in different levels;

G) Display charge discharge curve and cycle chart;


Number of device channels

512 (Single CPU control)

Constant current range

0.05 ~ 2A, 0.05-3A; 0.05-5A;0.05-6A

Resolution 1mA

Accuracy of current measurement



Sampling current accuracy



Voltage measurement range

0 ~ 5V, resolution 1mV

Accuracy of voltage measurement



Charging and discharging voltage range

Charging: 0 ~ 4.5V, discharging: 4.5 ~ 2V

Constant voltage setting range

3 ~4.5V

Accuracy of constant pressure setting



Time range

0-30000 min / step, accuracy: ± 0.1%

Heat dissipation mode

Cold wind

Battery Clamp

Cylinder clamp, polymer clamp

Work loop source

Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃,

relative temperature ≤ 85%

(no water condensation)

External size

1600mm (W) × 550mm (L) × 1840mm (H)

Working power supply

Three phase four wire system,

AC380V ± 150%, 50Hz

Power consumption at full load



Minimum configuration of computer system:


Dual core CPU or above,

4G or above memory,

500GB or above hard disk space,

EGA / VGA color display, one CD-ROM, one mouse

Windows XP or above operating system, one 6. RS232 serial communication port available.

7.The computer system shall be self configured by the user, and the number of the computer system shall be determined according to the actual needs.

General equipment configuration and standards

Appearance color of equipment,

Case: silver white,

Cabinet: silver white.

Attach the Chinese operation manual and software U disk.

 Battery Discharge Tester

Cylindrical Cell Pilot machine




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