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/5V6A 512 Channels Cylindrical Cell Charging and Discharging Tester With Energe Regenative Function

5V6A 512 Channels Cylindrical Cell Charging and Discharging Tester With Energe Regenative Function


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5V6A 512 Channels Cylindrical Cell Charging and Discharging Tester With Energe Regenative Function

I. Overall description of equipment

The product model is mainly for cylindrical battery, which is compatible with (46200) to meet the switching production. After determining the new model number, replace the professional supporting fixture. This agreement includes the main processes such as formation and volume separation.

1Chemical forming cabinet and volume dividing cabinet.

The open rack design is adopted. The power board is installed inside the equipment.

 The batteries are placed on the front and back sides of the equipment. The special cylindrical battery tray fixture is configured. Other types of replacement fixtures need to be charged separately. (the battery cells are shipped in material boxes and loaded and unloaded manually.)

Control mode: after placing the single row of batteries (16 batteries) in OK position, close the push rod to realize the simultaneous compression of the single row of probes. After the formation and volume separation, open the push rod, release the single row of probes at the same time, and manually remove the batteries.

II.Main configuration description

1Equipment power supply

The power supply is composed of bidirectional converter, charge discharge control board and monitoring gateway board. The power supply, the formation cabinet and the volume dividing cabinet adopt an integrated structure; Built in DC bus for automatic energy regulation; Can bus is used for communication to realize the control and data management of each module in the background; It has an independent RJ45 data acquisition network interface, supports network communication and data interaction, and supports MES software to read and write system data.

2Monitoring Software

The generalized monitoring software btsrealer and the data analysis software btsanalyzer realize the equipment monitoring function and the test data analysis function respectively. The software has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation and high reliability. The main functions provided by the software are as follows. Please refer to the equipment operation manual for detailed operation methods.

1) Three levels of management authority are provided: administrator, engineer and operator, so as to facilitate different access to the equipment.

2) Provide process editing function: it can set the process flow (constant current, constant voltage, constant current, constant voltage, constant power, constant resistance, static, cycle), parameter settings (charge discharge current, voltage, static time, jump position, cycle times, etc.), limit conditions (time, capacity, Watt hour, current, voltage).

3) Display and control of real-time data: the software displays the cycle, work step, status, current, voltage, work step time, battery temperature, ampere hour, watt hour, file location and other information of each channel in a list manner. It can also jump, pause / continue, continue, stop, open data files, query process information and other operations for each channel.

4) Incoming call recovery function: in case of power failure in the plant area, the equipment can be automatically saved and stopped at the current work step. After the incoming call, it can be continued from the breakpoint.

5) Data file name management: you can customize the data file name of each channel and specify the path to save the file.

6) Data file import function: by importing data files from other computers or channels, the tested battery can be flexibly transferred to other devices.

7) Data file export function: process files, curve graphs, work step summary data, detailed record data, etc. can be exported to excel with trade-offs according to requirements, so as to avoid repeated processing of a large number of useless data.

8) Graphic display function: it can display the voltage time, current time and capacity voltage curves of a specific cycle or all cycles, and provide the functions of printing, copying and scaling graphics.

9) Data file collapse / expansion function: the data file can be folded / expanded at three levels to quickly browse the test data. At the same time, the charging and discharging data of each cycle are summarized and the efficiency is calculated.

10) Remote monitoring: through the internal LAN of the enterprise, the configured equipment can be remotely monitored.

11) Log management: through the system log management, the working status and fault information of the system can be recorded in real time to track the use problems and fault codes of the equipment and facilitate the analysis of problems.

12) It has barcode input function and status indicator.

13) It has the real-time monitoring function of charging and discharging voltage and current curve and the prompt of fault information (protection of fluctuation points) after the protection stops.

14) With battery reverse connection protection. When the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed, the system will automatically force the battery to sleep and prompt in the software interface; At the same time, the equipment itself shall not be damaged in case of reverse connection.

15) Data recording conditions can be set as voltage change (≥ 1mV), current change (≥ 1mA) and time interval (≥ 1s).

16) When deleting a step file, you can manually select whether to delete the corresponding data file at the same time.

17) Sorting function: the battery can be classified according to the charging and discharging capacity and platform voltage at different stages.

3Battery tray code scanning

The code scanning of battery tray mainly realizes a code scanning function, which records the barcode in the channel, saves it in the form of a file, locally stores or uploads it to the MES system, and completes the code scanning of the whole tray.

Key introduction

Load: loads an existing barcode information file.

New: create a new pallet code scanning, clear the pallet barcode and start scanning.

Save: save the scanned battery barcode by platform.

Clear: clear the battery barcode of the tray.

Continue: when the focus leaves the code scanning interface and pauses, click continue scanning to continue scanning.

Off: turn off battery code scanning, and no code scanning is allowed.

General use: new, scan, save and close.

Note: when code scanning is paused, code scanning cannot be continued. Click the [continue] button to continue code scanning.


4Main technical indicators




voltage test range

constant current 0~5000mV


resolving power






electric current

constant current 206000mA


resolving power






Single step setting range

65535 seconds


resolving power



data record

≥1Ssupport ΔT(≥1S),ΔI≥1mA,ΔV≥1mV


Accuracy correction period

6 months

Operating mode

control model

Single channel independent control



Constant current charging CC, constant voltage charging CV, constant current constant voltage CCCV



Constant current discharge CD


work step switching conditions

Current, voltage, capacity, time

Energy consumption

Charging efficiency



Feedback efficiency


Protection function

Voltage protection

Undervoltage and overvoltage protection



Upper and lower voltage limit warning voltage, forced voltage protection



Voltage and current fluctuation rate protection (abnormal trend)



Battery temperature protection (optional): detection range: -25 °~ 110 °, accuracy ± 2 °



Battery anti reverse protection: battery reverse connection does not work and the equipment is not damaged



Battery line drop protection: it can identify abnormal power line and detection line


Power down connection

After abnormal power failure or failure of the equipment, the test can be resumed at the original test position and the data continuity can be ensured


signal communication

TCP/IP protocol



Computer grey (if there are special requirements, the color board shall be provided when the contract is signed)



AC380V ± 10%, three-phase five wire system, upper incoming line


Environmental requirements

Ambient temperature: 0-45 ℃

Discharging Tester




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