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/Battery Pack ​Line For EV Car/ Lifepo4 ​Lithium Cylindrical Battery

Battery Pack ​Line For EV Car/ Lifepo4 ​Lithium Cylindrical Battery


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Battery Pack Line For EV Car/ Lifepo4 Lithium 

Cylindrical Battery

Pack Process

The lithium battery pack consists of cylindrical cells, battery protection board, connecting nickel sheet, leading out nickel sheet, green paper accessories, insulating paper, wire or plug wire, PVC outer package or shell, output (including connector), key switch, power indicator, EVA, highland barley paper, plastic support and other auxiliary materials


Process Characteristics :

1.Adopt qualified lithium battery

2. Low internal resistance and good consistency

3. The structure of the battery adopts ventilation design, and the space between the two adjacent batteries is not less than 2mm. This structure requires the use of plastic bracket to fix the battery.

4. Pack battery factory uses slotted nickel strips in spot welding, the size of nickel strip meets the requirements of high current discharge, the nickel strip material ensures low internal resistance, the spot welding machine ensures stable operation, and the welding needle ensures quality.

5. Different batches of batteries are made into typical finished products and life tests are carried out. When the experience of lithium battery pack design specification is summarized, the battery finished products are tested to get the actual cycle life.


Important process:

First of all, the cells should be separated and paired before assembly, in order to ensure that there are no defective products.


1. Lithium Battery Highland Barley Paper Machine

Highland barley paper has good insulation, water resistance and wear resistance. When the lithium battery is working, the positive pole of the battery should be prevented from colliding with the positive pole, causing short circuit or preventing dust from entering the gap.

 Highland Barley Paper Machine

2. Lithium Battery Sorting Machine

Lithium battery sorter is a kind of cylindrical battery internal resistance and voltage test and sorting equipment, with high precision internal resistance and voltage automatic test system. Internal resistance and voltage values are set on the computer software and sent to the specified gear position.

The classification of internal resistance voltage and test results of lithium battery is generated by computer, the classification data is analyzed and a chart is generated, which is convenient for batch generation of visual statistics and display of quality. The test system has the function of database, which can query and count the historical test data.

Lithium Battery Sorting Machine


3. Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine

The lithium battery is put into a special clamp, and the nickel sheet is used to connect the battery. As a conductive bridge, let each battery energy together.

  Spot Welding Machine

4. Lithium Battery Comprehensive Tester

The integrated tester can measure the open circuit voltage, internal resistance, charging and discharging performance, battery capacity, especially the function of lithium battery, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, etc., and measure the corresponding values.

 Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester

5. Battery Aging Cabinet

It is used to simulate how long the battery pack can be fully charged.

Battery Pack Aging Machine



battery sticker/sorter





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