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Automatic Battery Electrolyte Injection Machine for Battery Production


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Automatic Battery Electrolyte Injection Machine for Battery Production

1. Function Introduction

TMAX-C18-0510A cylindrical battery automatic liquid injection machine is mainly used for the liquid injection process of lithium ion Cylindrical Battery 18650 (hereinafter referred to as the battery). It adopts the mode of fractional liquid injection and fractional pressurization and standing, five injections and ten stills, including weighing, NG removal and automatic cap fastening.

Main functions:

1) Manual whole box feeding: manually place the whole box of batteries on the conveyor of automatic feeding in the transition bin in the oven room;

2) Automatic box feeding: the machine automatically sends the whole box of materials to the designated position;

3) Automatic capping: after the battery is automatically loaded on the material conveyor belt, the equipment automatically arranges the capping direction;

4) The first and last three times of automatic weighing: weigh the battery without liquid injection, weigh it after the fourth liquid injection and weigh it after liquid replenishment, and compare it with the machine for calculation and storage one by one;

5) Automatic upper and lower clamps: automatically install the battery to be injected into the clamp and automatically remove the injected battery;

6) Automatic liquid injection: after the battery is installed, carry out automatic liquid injection;

7) Automatic pressurization and standing: after the battery is filled with liquid each time, the pressurization and standing mode is adopted to make the electrolyte better absorbed;

8) Automatic rotary fixture: all fixtures rotate automatically in the glove box;

9) Automatic capping: automatically buckle the cap of the liquid filled battery and transport it to the next process;

10) NG removal: remove the batteries with unqualified liquid injection from the working position automatically and dispose them manually (liquid replenishment).

11) Liquid injection volume setting: according to the liquid injection volume required by the process, the whole process is set on the touch screen without manual pump adjustment.

12) Automatic bubble removal: it can effectively remove bubbles in electrolyte buffer tank and liquid injection pipeline.

13) Electric control system: the control center of the whole machine coordinates the operation of each system according to the program.


1) Only one employee is required to inject liquid in the whole process.

2) The liquid injection pump does not get stuck within 10 days in case of power failure.

3) The liquid injection volume is set on the touch screen in the whole process, and there is no need to adjust the pump manually.

4) The motor is not required to tidy the direction of the cap.

5) The automatic bubble removal function makes you no longer worry about bubbles in the liquid injection pipeline.

6) Automatic real-time variable fluid replenishment to truly replenish the amount of fluid injection difference.

7) The maximum positive pressure of pressurized static box is 0.6MPa.

8) If there is a vacancy (lack of battery) on the fixture, the machine will skip automatically and will not inject liquid.

9) The qualified rate of cap buckle is 99.99%

10) Full fixture fluid replenishment can adapt to the extreme situation of overall poor performance.

2. Composition and Specification of Machine

TMAX-C18-0510A cylindrical battery automatic liquid injection machine is composed of glove box, material taking and discharging manipulator system, automatic liquid injection system, automatic pressurization and static system, fixture rotation system, front and rear weighing system, automatic time-real variable liquid replenishment system, automatic cap fastening system, automatic liquid replenishment and pressure stabilization bubble removing buffer tank and electric control system.

1) Glove box parameters:

 Overall dimension of glove box: length 14.4m * width 1.48m * height 1.95M, glove box space: 18m ³;The schematic diagram is for reference only (the height includes the electric cabinet, see the schematic diagram for details). The overall dimensions of the actual equipment will change slightly according to the design requirements.

 The glove box is provided with a feed transition bin and two discharge ports. The feed transition bin can be vacuumized and is equipped with a box inlet and outlet conveyor. During the transmission of the material box, the transition bin is provided with an inner door, which is isolated from the glove box; The discharge port is directly connected to the sealing machine.

 The main structure of the glove box is made of stainless steel produced in strict accordance with the national standard, and the chemical composition and thickness dimension (full thickness) meet the national standard. The square pass is 38 * 38 * 1.5, the square pass for key structures is 38 * 38 * 2.7, and the stainless steel plate has various specifications such as 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, etc. The working panel is 2.0mm thick, and the other sealing plates are 1.5mm national standard high-quality 304 stainless steel plate;

 The window glass adopts 8mm transparent PVC plate, and each window glass is provided with two or four holes to install corrosion-resistant cuff and latex gloves; Long arm latex gloves with single layer thickness of 0.5mm or removable cuff cover plate (for maintenance and commissioning) shall be configured at the factory;

 Each glove box is equipped with energy-saving lamp tube and independent button switch control; Tightness of glove box: no air leakage.

2) Picking and discharging manipulator: 7 sets in total;

3) Automatic liquid injection system: four hs403 metering pumps for liquid injection and four hs103 metering pumps for liquid replenishment;

4) Automatic pressurization static system: 10 sets in total;

5) Automatic weighing system: there are three sets of weighing devices in front of and behind;

6) Fixture: 36 material trays, 16X16 for each tray, 256pcs / clip, aluminum alloy;

7) Clamp base plates: 36, made of aluminum alloy. Magnets are embedded at the corresponding position at the bottom of each battery. During liquid injection, the tray vibration is small, and the battery will not shake liquid. It is driven and controlled by servo motor;

8) Pressurized static box: 10, made of aluminum alloy; The pressure in the static box is 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa;

9) Automatic capping system: 1 set;

10) Automatic real-time variable rehydration system: 1 set;

11) Automatic fluid replenishment and pressure stabilizing bubble removing buffer tank: 1 set;

12) Deliver 1000 material boxes.


3. Operation Process

Manually put the whole box of materials into the assembly line in the oven room or small room → automatic feeding → automatic capping → automatic clamping → automatic weighing before → four times of automatic liquid injection → 1 ~ 6 times of automatic pressurization and standing (3 standing after 4 notes) → lower clamp → second automatic weighing → upper clamp → automatic liquid replenishment → 7 ~ 10 automatic pressurization and standing → automatic lower clamp → third automatic weighing → ng screening and removal → automatic capping → automatic discharge, and enter the next process (sealing).

4. Technical Parameter

1) A: liquid injection efficiency: The efficiency is related to the pressure of the static tank. Therefore, the equipment ensures that the static tank does not leak between vacuum -0.095mpa and positive pressure 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa, and takes this as the acceptance standard.

B: Reference efficiency: 18650 battery, pure ternary material, digital 2500mah: 90 ± 5ppm;

C: The efficiency is also related to the liquid injection volume and battery capacity, material system, compaction density and winding tightness. Therefore, the acceptance standard is that the static box does not leak under the above pressure.

2) Applicability: 18650 cylindrical battery;

3) Battery liquid injection accuracy: ± 0.1g; Refers to the actual liquid injection error of the battery after liquid injection;

4) Maximum liquid injection per second: 5ml per second;

5) Adjustment range of single liquid injection volume of metering pump: 0.1 ~ 3.0g;

6) Accuracy: Single head liquid injection accuracy is within ± 0.003g, test medium: water; Test caliber: 1.0mm;

7) Equipment operation rate: ≥ 95% (Faults caused only by equipment)

8) Product yield (First pass rate, excluding rehydration): ≥ 99.7%; (Defective products do not include material defects)

9) Service conditions:

Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.8 MPa, 60L / S

Vacuum: - 0.095MPa

Nitrogen: 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa, 30L / S

Dry gas: 800pa (Flow: About 13m³, dew point below - 40 ℃, the lower the better)

Power supply: 220V / 50Hz, 2KW

(The above shall be provided by the customer)

10) Operating environment: The room is dry, clean and hygienic;

11) Supporting equipment (Purchased separately by the customer): Sealing machine and dehumidifier (10m³ is recommended)

12. Main configuration table:






Electric control system of liquid injection machine

1 set

PLC Huichuan


X-axis stepper motor driver

1 set

Li San


Man machine interface of liquid injection machine

1 set



Pneumatic valve

10 pieces



Solenoid valve

10 pieces



Pressurized static box

10 sets



Static box magnetic switch

10 pieces

Yadeke / Xinyuan


HS403 metering pump

4 sets

Heng Ruixing


Automatic bubble removing buffer tank

1 set

Heng Ruixing


Linear guide rail

5 sets



Pallet pushing cylinder

2 pieces



Liquid injection servo system (5 injections)

1 set



Weighing module (16 / set)

3 sets



Picking and discharging manipulator

7 sets



Rehydration system

1 set



Automatic capping system

1 set







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