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Double Door Large Vacuum Drying Oven For Lithium Battery Production Line


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Double Door Large Vacuum Drying Oven For Lithium Battery Production Line

Equipment Overview:

This equipment is used for the baking production of lithium battery pole pieces. It is used for vacuum circulating heating and dehydration of battery pole pieces, cells and batteries. The internal heating mode, N2 and micro flow circulation mode and external circulation heating mode are adopted. The heating temperature is uniform, the temperature rise is fast, and the energy saving is significant. The multi-faceted and multi-point temperature control mode and intelligent program control are adopted. It is a relatively advanced equipment for lithium power battery dehydration at present.

The equipment is mainly composed of box body, heating system, cooling system, vacuum system, pipeline, material trolley, etc.

Technical parameters and performance indexes of equipment:


Operating temperature range

RT Temperature~150


vacuum degree



Accuracy of temperature controller



heating time

No load blast heating, temperature rise 100 ℃ ≤ 40 minutes, internal uniform temperature for 1.5 hours


Tank size



Overall dimension



Insulation layer

70mmSilicon wool insulation



Embedded stainless steel heating pipe, front and rear doors are auxiliary heating plates, plus heat box, independent control;


Internal air circulation

Seal the fan to ensure the vacuum sealing performance. In the state of nitrogen filling, use nitrogen for hot air circulation to improve the temperature uniformity;


Vacuum pressure

The digital display SMC vacuum pressure gauge can be used to set the vacuum degree and realize automatic vacuum control


Electrical operation

Front and back operation respectively;


Door opening mode

There is one at the front and one at the back, in the double door mode, which is used to feed and transfer materials respectively


Seal ring

High temperature resistant silicone rubber;


Liner material

SUS304 Stainless steel plate;


Cooling system

After the baking is completed, the cooling device will cool the polar coil in the chamber of the box until it is cooled to the set temperature. The cooling method is that the cooling air system is connected with the outward air duct, and the external air duct of the chamber is used for alternating conduction cooling


control mode

Program control, setting in the touch screen, and storage function


Protection mode

With triple protection mode of relay breakdown protection, over temperature protection and temperature control


Abnormal alarm

With over temperature and fault alarm; With overtemperature protection function, the heating is automatically cut off when the set temperature is exceeded, and there is a low temperature alarm. If the temperature is lower than the set value by 10 ℃ (settable), the alarm will be given;


Temperature control

Four temperature controllers, sensors and multiple temperature over temperature control devices are used to effectively control temperature and temperature detection;


Oven material loading method

Pole box unwheeling mode


Vacuum pipeline interface



Nitrogen pipeline interface



Compressed air pipeline interface



Shell color

Supplier specified color, or user specified color.


Vacuum pump

Provided by the demander


 Equipment features:


Internal heating mode and circulating air stirring mode are adopted, with fast heating speed. N2 air magnetic shaft fan is used to stir the wind-driven air flow, effectively homogenize the temperature in the box and ensure the vacuum box;


Internal heating is adopted to achieve the purpose of rapid temperature rise. At the same time, an external circulating heating system is provided to ensure the purpose of heat preservation and heating. The heater for external heating generates hot air flow under the action of circulating fan and heats around the vacuum box to ensure uniform temperature. Multi point temperature control, inner box breeze stirring and external hot air circulation are adopted to ensure the temperature control and stability of the equipment and ensure that the baked products are not hot and partially overheated;


The vacuum box is a front and rear two-way door opening structure, which is convenient for the entry and exit of materials and the transfer of materials between workshops after drying;


The vacuum box has front and rear doors and is equipped with auxiliary heating to effectively maintain the door temperature


The vacuum oven door adopts precision surface aluminum alloy plate and sealing ring to ensure the high sealing performance of the vacuum oven; Vacuum leakage rate ≤ 0.01Mpa (24h average leakage rate);


With positive and negative pressure detection, program start valve and pressure protection;


Adopt internal circulating air exchange and N2 replacement to effectively dehydrate;


Cooling method: the cooling air system is connected to the external air duct, and the cooling is conducted alternately from the external air duct of the cavity


Temperature display is displayed and adjusted on the thermometer;


The two-way door opening mode is adopted. The battery or electric coil core or battery pole piece materials can be entered from one end and removed from the other end. One box can accommodate two battery racks at the same time, with large production capacity and convenient use;


Adopt internal heating and internal air circulation mode, with fast temperature rise. Under the condition of empty box blowing, the temperature rise is 100 ℃ ≤ 40 minutes;


Special materials are used to push the battery rack, which is connected with the guide in the oven to facilitate the battery material rack to enter and exit the vacuum box, which is labor-saving and safe;


Special battery holder box or pole piece box is adopted, which is combined and placed in layers to make good use of space;


This box can be used for vacuum baking of battery pole piece, cell and battery.





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