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High Capacity Vacuum Planetary Dispersion Mixing Machine For Battery Production Line


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High Capacity Vacuum Planetary Dispersion Mixing Machine For Battery Production Line

It is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali and organic solvent. At the same time, it can vacuumize the mixing barrel and stir the slurry in the vacuum state, so that there is no bubble in the slurry, so that the mixing material coating process is more uniform. The agitator of the instrument is designed as spiral belt agitator and planetary mixer to achieve no mixing dead zone in the mixing barrel. According to the process requirements, the dispersing plate and revolution mixing adopt multi-stage speed operation, and the speed and time of each stage can be set.

*It is made of SUS304 stainless steel and can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali and organic solvent.

*Four impeller double shaft planetary stirring, twist frame impeller with high-speed dispersion plate and wall scraping, no mixing dead angle;

*The macro mixing is realized by the rotation and rotation of the low-speed stirring, and the micro mixing is realized by the shear force in the high-speed dispersion plate;

*In the vacuum environment, the bubbles produced in the mixing process can be effectively eliminated, and the vacuum keeping effect is good;

*Multi stage speed operation can be carried out, and the stirring speed and time of each section can be set

*Slurry barrel lifting design, equipped with spotlight, easy to operate, ensure the safety in the process of vacuum mixing;

*Jacketed mixing tank design, can pass cooling water, suitable for a variety of process requirements, with temperature controller and high temperature alarm system;

*Viscosity range (mPas): 1800 ~ 11000

*Applicable solid content (%): 18 ~ 88


1-1 Machine name, specification and model

1. Planetary dispersion vacuum mixer;


1-2 Basic structure

A. Hydraulic lifting bucket with cantilever structure;

B. single direct temperature measurement mode;

C. Monodisperse shaft + double stirring shaft + with scraping wall

1-3 Lower barrel (mixing drum)

A. Specification: dia. 240mm×180mm; design volume: 8L; effective volume: 5

B. Liner material: SUS304;

C. The inner wall is polished after turning to ensure good roundness;

D. The upper flange plane of the mixing drum is sealed with the upper barrel body through a sealing ring;

E. G1 / 2 "discharge ball valve at the bottom of barrel;

F. Barrel body with a pair of handle.

G. The inlet and outlet interface is G3/8 ", equipped with quick opening Union; the jacket can be cooled or heated by cold water or hot water.

1-4 Upper barrel

A. Material: SUS304;

B. A Φ40 powder / liquid feeding hopper, which can be quickly opened and closed; 1 spotlight; 2 small windows (one spotlight port and one observation hole), one vacuum pressure gauge, and other necessary connecting pipes (vacuum / venting / standby).

1-5 Mixing system

At the same time, combined with the low clearance design of the mixing slurry, the low-speed agitator makes the materials produce strong kneading interference motion and up-down / left-right circulation movement; the high-speed dispersion plate strongly shears and breaks up and down the materials, so as to ensure that the materials are fully dispersed and evenly mixed.

1-6-1 Motor, reducer

A. Quantity: one set;

B. Motor power: 1.5kw/4p;

C. With 1.5KW variable frequency speed governor matching with motor;

D. The matching reducer BL1 has a reduction ratio of about I = 29 and a service factor of FA = 1.0.

1-6-2 planetary revolution speed

Speed: 0 ~ 50rpm (reference frame: ground), adjustable.

1-6-3 wall scraper

Quantity: 1 group; scraping material: SUS304 and Teflon; consistent with revolution speed.

1-6-4 clearance reference value(non mandatory)

A. Tolerance between mixing slurry and bottom: 2-4 mm;

B. Tolerance between mixing slurry and barrel wall: 3±1.5 mm;

1-7-1 mixing shaft / mixing pulp speed

Speed: 0 ~ 80rpm (reference frame: planetary box); or 0 ~ 130rpm (reference frame: ground); adjustable.

1-7-2 mixing slurry

A. Material: SUS304; B. quantity: one (Group).

1-7-3 mixing form

"Spiral twist type"; linear velocity: 0 ~ 0.55m/s (reference system: planetary box).

1-8-1 distributed motor

A. Quantity: one; B. motor power: 2.2kw/2p; C. variable frequency governor matched with motor.

1-8-2 dispersion speed (rotation)

A. Speed: 0 ~ 6000rpm, adjustable; B. linear speed: 0 ~ 17m / s.

1-8-3 dispersion shaft and disc

A. Material: SUS304; C. diameter of dispersion plate: Φ 55mm;

B. A dispersion plate is installed on the dispersion shaft to ensure better dispersion / mixing.

1-9 Lifting system

A. Hydraulic lifting: piston type cylinder Φ63/D40×S270; equipped with double guide rod and positioning device; safe and reliable positioning.

B. A set of hydraulic oil pump station with a 0.37kw/4p motor; no oil leakage and low noise.

C. Lifting height: 270.

1-10 Vacuum system

A. The stirring and dispersing process can be carried out in vacuum, and the vacuum degree is less than - 0.098 MPa.

B. Equipped with vacuum pump 2xz-2.

C. With vacuum buffer tank and switch.

D. Dynamic seal: mechanical seal; static seal: O-ring.

E. Keep pressure for 24 hours, there is no oil leakage into the mixing barrel under the condition of mixing or pressure maintaining.

1-11 positioning system

A. With positioning adjustment device and locking device, it can accurately position the mixing drum and upper barrel, and prevent rotation.

B. The positioning stop of the lower flange of the upper barrel matches the mixing drum accurately to ensure the reasonable position and accurate positioning of the mixing bucket.


1-12 control system

(manual operation control)

A. Manual operation control function: Vacuum start / stop, frequency conversion speed regulation, temperature display (or temperature control), spotlight switch, lifting, operation emergency stop and other functions are carried out on the operation panel.

Note: dispersion has timing function (recommended, but not included in conventional manual operation (without PLC and touch screen).

B. Man machine interface operation function: this item is an optional item. If the customer needs it, the price will be increased and the scheme will be quoted separately.



1-13 safe operation

1. Conform to JBIT7669-2004 plastic mixing standard

2. The paint should be uniform, flat, consistent in color and glossy; the paint surface should be transparent, non stick, strong adhesion, full of elasticity, without wrinkle, peeling, leakage, flow marks, bubbles and other phenomena. It is in accordance with Hg / t3228-2001.



1-15 Safety system

A. Depending on the frequency converter and limit travel switch, through the special design control route, the can body can be automatically stopped when it reaches the specified position.

B. The mixing / dispersing part of the equipment cannot be started during the rising process of the barrel; similarly, when the machine is running the mixture, the barrel cannot be lowered and the mixing drum cannot be opened.

C. The circuit design such as proximity switch is used to ensure that the mixing drum can not be lowered under the vacuum state.

D. The special vacuum buffer tank design can effectively prevent the vacuum pump oil from flowing back to the mixing tank.

E. Door bolt type clasps are set on the kettle cover and mixing drum to prevent the oil cylinder from falling down automatically.

1-14 temperature measurement mode

The temperature measuring probe is located on the wall (or bottom) near the bottom of the barrel, which contacts with the material and displays the temperature.

1-15 main engine total power

3.7KW + lifting motor power: 0.37kw

Working voltage / frequency: 380V / 50Hz / 3phase; control voltage: 220 → 24V.

1-16 equipment overall dimension: 1050x560x1200 (mm);

1-17 equipment weight: About 400kg;




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