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Customization Laboratory Vacuum Glove Box with Purification System


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Customization Laboratory Vacuum Glove Box with Purification System 

Closed Loop Gas Circulation

Inert gas in a closed loop. The gas is circulated by the blower and purifier, H2O, O2 can be removed continuously.

Auto Purging

The replacement of the atmosphere inside the glove box can be achieved automatically by the purging valves.

Automatic Regeneration

H2O and O2 removal material can be regenerated. The regeneration process can be program controlled.

Automatic Pressure Control

The pressure in the glove box is controlled automatically by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Working pressure can be set between +10mba and -10mba. If the pressure goes over+/- 12mbar, the system will be protected automatically.

Eco Mode

The vacuum pump will be activated automatically when necessary, and will turn off after a period of idle time. Blower frequency will be switched to 25Hz when moisture and oxygen level reaches to less than 1 ppm



Integrated structure (Purification System integrated under the box)

Power Supply

110 - 220V AC, 50/60Hz, Single-phase

Glove box Box

Box Material 304 Stainless Steel (Type 304), thickness 3mm 
Box Size(excluded antechamber and  support)1220mm(L) x 750mm(W) x 900mm(H) 
47.2 " x 29.5" x 35.4" 
Box Support height: 900mm(35.43" )


Standard Layout

Two layers in box.

Option/Add: tool boxes or other

Various tool boxes, can be placed according to user needs.

Front window

Tilt design operating window, removable safety toughened glass front window, 8mm thickness,Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good light transmission, sealing ring using 3/8 inch thick OMEGA sealing ring.

Option Window Open

The front window can be designed to open instead of fix, in order to put in a variety of instruments (custom function).

Environment of Box inside

H2O <1 ppm (20°C/68 ℉, 1 atm) 
O2 <1 ppm (20°C/68 ℉, 1 atm)


Control way: manual 
Design: two circular antechambers 
Main chamber size: Φ360mm (Dia.)x 600mm(length)(location: right-side of box) 
14.17 "(Dia.) x 23.62" (L) 
Mini chamber size: Φ150 mm(Dia.) x 300mm(L)(location: right-side of box) 
5.9 "(Dia.) x11.8" (L) 
Vacuum degree:<=-0.1MPa(right side antechambers included main chamber and mini chamber, all of that are need vacuum and display. The vacuum pressure gauge brand is German WIKA.

Option/add auto control way


It will automatically control the antechamber by time setting and the number of times for gas exhaust and filling.

Option/Add: heating mode 

Max temperature:200℃/ 392℉ 
Control accuracy:±2℃/±3.6℉ 
The main chamber and mini chamber are both can adding the heating function (compared with standard antechamber the size is a little different)

Working gas and regeneration gas

Working gas: 99.999% high pure N2, Ar, He and other inert gas 
Control gas:99.999% high pure inert gas 
Regeneration gas: mixing gas of working gas and H2,hydrogen(H2)Volume accounted for 5-10% 
If the pure system only has moisture removal function, the regeneration gas is the same with working gas

Gas purification system

Single pure column: 
German BASF Oxygen removal material, US UOP high moisture absorb material. The regeneration process of purification system is auto control and automatic moisture and oxygen removal function. 
Gas purity can be sustained and keep long-term:H2O<1ppm, O2<1ppm.

Option  dual columns purification system 
(one in use and the other is reserve)

Why choose duel pure column? 1,The Pure column need to be regenerated after saturated by absorbing the oxygen and moisture. The regeneration time is 16hours. If there is no reserved column, it may stop working. (we recommend dual column purification system to factory or other unit which need glove box working Continuously); 2,The pure capacity of dual pure columns is two times as much as single column

Pressure control system

Box pressure can be auto controlled by PLC touch screen 
Control accuracy:±1Pa 
Can also be manually controlled by foot switch

Filter system

The ends of inlet and outlet both are provided with filter 
The filter precision is: 0.3 mu m

Closed circulating fan

High speed frequency conversion fan, flow 0-100m3/h, microprocessor control, Stainless steel device for pressure testing. 
With water cooling device (can equipped with water cooler and external refrigeration equipment)

Control system 

SIEMENS colors touch screen (6 inches), PLC control system, Bilingual in Chinese and English can be switched 
Pressure sensor: -2500~2500Pa touch screen, accuracy±1Pa 
Pressure control: control the box pressure to one setting point (scope can be set)


Moisture analyzer: US GE brand, 0~1000ppm touch screen display, precision 0.1ppm

Oxygen analyzer: US GE brand, 0~1000ppm touch screen display, precision 0.1ppm

Vacuum Pump 

Britain Brand EDWARDS, pumping speed 8.4-12m3/h, Model RV12 
Extreme pressure 2 x 10-3 mbar/1.5 x 10-3 Torr 
Inlet flange NW25
Outlet flange NW25
Noise level: 50 Hz 48 dBA


Brand: US NORTH 
Material: Butyl 
Model for standard   8B1532

illumination system

Equipped with Fluorescent lamp. Brand: PHILIPS

Solvent removal system

Efficient adsorption of activated carbon, can effectively remove trace organic solvents;

Spare KF40 standard joint

Special design to KF40 Joint, you can lead the water into the box 

Can be connected to other devices          (low temperature refrigerator, film coating machine, microscope, solvent purification system, low temperature cold trap, heating furnace, etc.)

low temperature refrigerator



Solvent Purification System

Coating machine

Inside connection(one door of Coating machine is inside of glove box) 
Outside connection 

Equipment size and room requirements

Overall size

1850mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 1950mm(H) 
72.83" x39.37" x 76.77"

Room size

2200mm(L) x 1500mm(W) x 2000mm(H) 
86.6" x59" x 78.74"

Wooden Package size and weight

2185mm(L) x 1145mm(W) x 2300mm(H) 
86" x 45" x 91" (5.8M3)

650 kg (1400 lbs)


When the gas is circulating, must ensure that the piping of the circulation system is clear and cannot be blocked (if the color of the filter is changed from white to black, the filter should be replaced timely). 
No corrosive gas in the glove box. 
It needs to regenerate the column when the moisture and oxygen indicators cannot meet the work requirements.            If the corrosive gas is released from inside of glove box.(such as LiPF6 electrolyte),please do not use. you must put the bottle filled with liquid seal. 
Vacuum pump needs to be checked the oil level and maintain in regular time.


Vacuum Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box

Coin Cell Equipment         




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